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2020: Panellist and interviews  Painting Music Friday Forum Visual Arts Scotland

2019 Double Dutch or a ‘Lecture on Drawing’, Duff House Study Days, Historic Environment Scotland 

2019 Pannel member of ‘Drawing in the world’Hayward Gallery Touring Exhibition Hand Drawn, Action Packed at Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow

2018 Creative-Me-Podcast Interview: Kate Steenhauer and Shane Strachan The Shelter
2018 Spectra Aberdeen Interview: Festival of Light
2018 Artists Engaging Aberdeen, Spectra Conference Panel and Presentation
2018 Creative Learning, Aberdeen City Council, Workshop and Talk on Artist Collaboration
2017 Opera Holland Park
2017 Speyside Cooperage
2015 Janice Forsyth Show BBC Radio Scotland

2020 Drawing Research, Theory and Practice Journal, Starkey A., Steenhauer, K., and Caven, J. Painting Music: Using Artificial Intelligence to
create music from live painted drawings 

2018 Scottish Field: Aberdeen Bus shelters inspired new stage show
2017 London Le Cool
2017 Scottish-Art-Scene: Interview with Kate Steenhauer
2017 Art Mag: Kate Steenhauer| Meffan Museum and Art Gallery
2017 Distillery Trail, Topping the Casks at Speyside – An Artists Collection of Drawings
2016 Rosemary & Co, BRUSH reviews and advice, The RIGGER brush by Kate Steenhauer
2015 TREND, Kate Steenhauer: a Hive of Industry
2015 Pushing Out the Boat– North-East Scotland’s Magazine of New Writing and the Visual Arts