Portfolio - Etchings


Speyside Cooperage

Charring the butts

800 x 600 mm, etching, 2017

Speyside Cooperage

800 x 600 mm, etching, 2017

Gathering the hoops

600 x 800 mm, etching, 2017

Barrel yard at Speyside Cooperage

800 x 330 mm, etching, 2017

Topping the cask

900 x 450 mm, etching, 2017

The coppersmith

130 x 130 mm, etching, 2017


240 x 180 mm, etching, 2017

The apprentices

130 x 130 mm, etching, 2017

The viewing platform

350 x 300 mm, etching, 2017

Artist’s Commentary

Following my interest in local Scottish industry, I decided to capture the life of coppersmiths and coopers in Scotland using limited edition copper plate etchings. This initial interest led to working in collaboration with Speyside Cooperage and it captures life at the whisky barns still using traditional methods, tools, skill and craftsmanship, yet providing a modern and vital trade of the industrial landscape of Scotland, seen in the global demand for whisky. The short video below demonstrates the etching process used during this project.