Portfolio - Moving Image

Moving Image projects

Moving visual art into an interactive and evolving artform has acted as a catalyst for multiple films in collaboration with dancers, actors, composers, and artificial intelligence. The clips below are trailers for these films; the full versions are between three and twenty minutes in length. Individuals interested in viewing one of the full-length films can purchase a link for £5.00, by emailing me.

The films have been screened at public events such as Beyond (2022), Royal Scottish Academy (2022), Visual Arts Scotland Friday Forum (2020), Hayward Gallery Touring Exhibition Hunterian Gallery (2019), and CCA Glasgow (2019).

Tatties & Typhoid Ham

In the Bell (Annie)

In the Bell (Emma)

In the Bell (Bethany)

Painting Music

Makin’ Bread

The Making of a Feminist

The Shelter

Artist’s Commentary

Visual art evolves (live) using ink, paint, pencil, or graphite captured in several short films. The evolving visual art in collaboration with dance, music, verbatim or Artificial Intelligence tells a story tackling political and social issues in a perpetually changing world. These contemporary works aim to show different perspectives of the art, artists, and their surroundings exposed in the act-of-making.