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Artist Interview

2022, Kate Steenhauer

Interview on my creative practice by the Elphinstone Institute at Aberdeen University


Shipyards of Aberdeen

Tatties & Typhoid Ham

Press & Journal 7th July 2022 by Neil Drysdale

People of a certain age in Aberdeen have never forgotten the great typhoid epidemic which locked down the city in 1964.

Performative drawing

2022, Kate Steenhauer

The dynamic and interactive capacity of drawing in dialogue with other artform , technology and thgeir relationshipo with its audience. DRTP 7.1, pp. 17–37


Shipyards of Aberdeen

Painting Music

2020 Starkey A., Steenhauer, K., and Caven, J.

Painting Music: Using Artificial Intelligence to create music from live painted drawings, DRTP 5 (2) pp. 209-224.

BBC Radio Scotland

Janice Forsyth Show, 2015

An interview on the industrial portfolio The shipyards of Aberdeen

Shipyards of Aberdeen
Press & Journal article

Press & Journal

2017 article – Artist Kate rolls out barrels for her Scotch whisky industry show

Press & Journal

2017 article – Artist distils essence of Speyside in drawings

2017 Press & Journal Speyside
Evening Express article

Evening Express

2015 article – Museum buys work of artist inspired by industry of region