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Shipyards of Aberdeen

Performative drawing

2022, Kate Steenhauer

The dynamic and interactive capacity of drawing in dialogue with other artform , technology and thgeir relationshipo with its audience. DRTP 7.1, pp. 17–37 



Painting Music

2020 Starkey A., Steenhauer, K., and Caven, J.

Painting Music: Using Artificial Intelligence to create music from live painted drawings, DRTP 5 (2) pp. 209-224.

Shipyards of Aberdeen

BBC Radio Scotland

Janice Forsyth Show, 2015

An interview on the industrial portfolio The shipyards of Aberdeen

Press & Journal article

Press & Journal

2017 article – Artist Kate rolls out barrels for her Scotch whisky industry show

2017 Press & Journal Speyside

Press & Journal

2017 article – Artist distils essence of Speyside in drawings

Evening Express article

Evening Express

2015 article – Museum buys work of artist inspired by industry of region