Upcoming 2022/2023


Painting music

Creative Informatics Innovation Showcase

Fine art studios at Edinburgh College of Art

Thursday 30th June – Sunday 3rd July 2022

Painting Music uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create music from live-painted drawings, in real time and unique for each performance.

Royal Scottish Academy Exhibition

Saturday 23 April – Sunday 12 June 2022

In the bell is an audio-visual film consisting of live painting, music and verbatim exploring themes of sex, gender and identity.

Make Do & Mend

Aberdeen Art Gallery Exhibition

16th April – 3rd July 2022 Aberdeen Artists’ Society Annual Exhibition

Makin’ bread is a 15-minute film in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film combines performance, live drawings, verbatim and music.  The work focusses on 91-year old Dorothy at Maryfield West Care Home in Aberdeen