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The Making of a Feminist

841 x 594 mm, graphite drawing with red silk and coloured pencil, 2020

841 x 594 mm, graphite drawing with red silk and gold pen, 2020

Artist’s Commentary

The making of a feminist is inspired by the complex entanglement of human and computer ‘intelligence’ in a time of crisis, in collaboration with Improviser Maria Sappho and Prof. Dubravka Pokrajac based at the University of Aberdeen.

During lockdown I read ’Invisible Women’, a book by Caroline Perez exposing data bias in a world designed for men. From government policy and medical research, to technology, workplaces, and media, it reveals how half of the population is ignored, often with disastrous consequences. These data biases are heightened in times of conflict, natural disasters, and pandemics, when women’s lives are disproportionality affected by higher risk of infection, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

‘The making of a feminist’ captures a figure battling with ‘intelligence’ governing her world, yet also with her internal conflict towards embracing feminism. In quarantine I used for the first time myself as life-model creating 125 drawings. The sound composition enhances the domesticity of lockdown commenting on the associations of so-called women’s chores.