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Work in progress is shown through different stages of compositional development:  work in pencil, ink, and multi-layered images using a combination of oriental and printmaking materials and techniques, as well as paint.

This work is sits within the body of work Painting Music.

I often make work that uses the same subject in slightly different ways. This is a model from Aberdeenshire who posed for me in 2018 of who I made 3 final pieces of work for the project Painting Music.


Sometimes I resolve similar images in different mediums. So the struggling figures in charcoal and paint below can also be resolved in Japanese ink, with a pattern printed on top of each figure.

This engraved pattern in lino I ink up and press down by hand. This method gives me a lot of flexibility. This art work is called Fighting Intelligence and sits within the body of work Painting Music.

I also combine individual images together into one composition; a bit like a puzzle, although you don’t know the final outcome before you have it; For example I will make 3 different images plus another artwork that combines all 3 together.