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When the boats come in all started with pencil drawings…

Lifedrawing practices the hand/ eye coordination which is important for capturing a transient moment, it keep the senses sharp and fine-tuned.

Life drawing provides also a means of discovery. A discovery of marks and geometrical shapes as a basis for design and composition – it is crucial for new ideas as the response in turn tends to inspire.

Often too, I find that when drawing on location, ‘things’ enter the scene, cherry pickers or swinging cranes or a gull scooping very closely over my head, such as when I draw down at the harbour near my studio. Picking these things up in a sketch can sometimes surprisingly develop and strengthen a composition, one not thought off so far.  It therefore lends itself ‘to go with the flow’.

From the harbour pencil sketches I developed limited-copper plate etchings, which were shown at Gallery Heinzel and His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen, and the works also went to The Mall Galleries in London as part of Royal Society of British Artists.