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My studio is down near the harbour of Aberdeen, in the loft of an old gas works building. I went down to the docks one day to do some sketching, and after that I kept returning  I love it when a landscape evolves as you draw, things enter the composition, Picking these things up in a sketch can sometimes surprisingly develop and strengthen a composition, one not thought of so far.


It therefore lends itself ‘to go with the flow’; cranes swinging, trucks coming and going, cherry pickers, gulls and then there is the people – my mannies as my colleagues refer to them.   I like it when they are at their best, most natural – absorbed in work and play, and at one with their environment.

And this is how I got hooked on the subject of industrial landscapes and where I realised the huge potential of tackling work based around heritage, industries and landmarks. It was the hustle and the bustle!

Grand solo show Duff House in Banff between October 2019 and June 2020 with Historic Environment Scotland in partnership with National Galleries of Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council.

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