When Art and Engineering Overlap

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Whilst drawing along the quayside workers and ship captains would come up and look over my shoulder, tell me what they are doing, offer me sandwiches and a chair to sit on. When art and engineering overlap is a collaboration withTymor Marine, a Marine and Naval Architecture Consultancy, to create a body of work featuring life at the docks of Aberdeen Harbour; the swinging cranes hoisting and lowering, trucks and cherry pickers coming and going, energetic stevedores loading and unloading, whistles blowing and horns booming, swooping and calling gulls close and afar, and magnificent vessels, flag waving, readying for another destination.

I collected pencil sketches, composed drawings and went to the printmaking studio to transform them into limited-edition copper plate etchings. The Press & Journal published our story When Art and Engineering Overlap:

When art and engineering overlap