The player piano

11th May, 2020Live productions

The Player Piano draws inspiration from perforated piano rolls used in old pianolas. Sequential rolls of paper at the keyboard flows and rolls out gradually whilst Composer Ross Whyte performs and Visual Artist Kate Steenhauer draws, creating a dialogue which consists of a dynamic sequence of movements unfolding in time and pulsating in rhythm.

The sonic material is created through amplification and manipulation of sounds produced by the live painting (e.g. clinking of drawing pens against a ceramic ink bowl and scratching of pen on paper).

Audience are invited to think of a memorable conversation once overheard, e.g. in a bus shelter or a café, and share that conversation by writing it alongside one of the drawings.

This performance was given in Duff House Banff as part of Historic Environment Scotland Study Days. Photos © New Wave Images (with special thanks to Heitor Alves for visual and audio technical support); and also part of Summerhall Scratch Night in Edinburgh.