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Pencil drawings

Folk at Fringe


420 x 600 mm, pencil drawing, 2018

Nae Plans

420 x 600 mm, pencil drawing, 2018

Sandy Brechin and Freens

420 x 600 mm, pencil drawing, 2018

Artist’s Commentary

In Folk at Fringe I explore the pubs and cafes where fiddle music carries the locals into the early hours after a long week of grafting. Every year I go down to draw folk at several music venues of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival featuring bands as Dallahan, Gone Native, Simon Kempston and Brechin All Records. Venues include The Royal Oak and The Wee Folk Club as well as the Acoustic Music Centre. Every drawing is made from the front seat of the venue.

When I draw life I aim to capture the essence of the moment. It succeeds when the right mark is made at the right place. When that mark is unique, has found a new way of describing, it is all the better. The key is to keep drawing. The big bonus is the music.