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In the Ring of Thainstone Mart

2000 guineas?!

300 x 250 mm, etching, 2016

In the ring of Thainstone Mart

300 x 300 mm, etching, 2016

Welcome to Aberdeen & Northern Marts

420 x 300 mm, etching, 2016

Artist’s Commentary

Thainstone Mart
Life at Thainstone Mart, where the ringmaster overseeing the auction reminded me of a conductor in an orchestra; the animals and yard boys circling in the ring in front of the farmers meddling and bidding in an amphitheatre.

At the end of 2016 I found myself at a livestock auction at Thainstone Mart. I still keep going back there. I watch and draw in turn the captive audience with their caps, overalls, boots and weathered faces while being lectured by retired farmers bringing me up to speed with the local proceedings and customs of this fascinating aspect of the agricultural business.