Portfolio - Etchings

Offshore commute

420 x 350 mm, etching, 2016

Pre-flight checks

420 x 350 mm, etching, 2016

The rotorhead of a Super Puma

380 x 350 mm, etching, 2016

Sikorsky S92 overhaul

420 x 350 mm, etching, 2016

Mounting the beanie on a Super Puma

350 x 300 mm, etching, 2016

Arrivals and departures

350 x 300 mm, etching, 2016

Artist’s Commentary

Drawing on top of a helicopter in the East Hangar or on the runaway of Aberdeen Heliport has been one of the most exciting environments I have been exposed to.

Dressed in my Hi-Vis safety vest and hard hat and walking into one of the gigantic hangars filled with variously stripped helicopter bodies of Super Puma and Sikorsky helicopter crafts, rotor heads, gearboxes, engines and rotor blades,  I spent many weeks in the company of the engineers, mechanics and electricians of World’s largest Canadian Helicopter Company. 

Aberdeen Heliport and the East Hangar tells a story about the day to day activities in the hangars, illustrating the engineering processes within the helicopter services industry. The workers themselves are drawn loosely, striving to capture the essence of their activity, emphasizing their sense of movement in dissonance to the heavy machinery.