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Can Artificial Intelligence, a computer brain that is based on our own biological brains, replace a human? Is this a good idea? And what does this mean? What is Artificial Intelligence? To answer that question we firstly need to define what is ‘intelligence’. This is surprisingly difficult. Most explanations for intelligence are simply synonyms for the word intelligence like wisdom, cleverness, or being smart. So is intelligence then the ability to learn? And learn in particular like a human? To take in some form of sensory input and to learn how to respond? An amoeba in sea water responds to light to determine where to swim to find food – do we consider this intelligent? Is Artificial Intelligence good or bad?

Painting Music is in collaboration with AI developer Jack Caven and AI Specialist Dr. Andrew Starkey, both based at Aberdeen University, with a live stage performance shown as part of Aberdeen University May Festival 2019 and funded by Creative Scotland.

Photo credit Aberdeen University May Festival.



Jack Caven and Labrador Paddy –  Live Stage Performance – Painting Music






Dr. Andrew Starkey AI Specialist – Live Stage Performance – Painting Music
BSL Interpreter Elaine Campbell – Live Stage Performance – Painting Music
Live Stage Performance – Painting Music