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Painting Music uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence techniques to create music from live painted drawings.

All music in Painting Music is created by AI from live painting. The production shows close-ups of the artistic process and includes interviews with those involved in the production through live stage performance, film and a body of visual artwork

Painting Music was transformed into a 20-minute film by filmmakers Albert Lucas and Kim Beveridge funded by Aberdeen City Council and Creative Scotland. With special thanks to videographer Calum McCready and voice-over performed by Shane Strachan!

Scene The physical brain

The software developed by AI developer Jack Caven and AI specialist Dr. Andrew Starkey translates tangible painted marks into audible sounds, in real time and unique for each performance. Japanese ink drawing as well as AI visual and aural outputs evolve onto a screen.

Painting Music allows audience appreciation of this powerful AI tool; and creates intrigue hooking the viewer around our own questions Is AI good or bad?.

This production moves visual art as a traditionally static experience into an artform that is dynamic, interactive, transformational, transient and temporal.

Scene Community

Painting Music offers a unique experience by creating a multifaceted and multi-disciplinary artistic expression, that contain elements of risk and reveal the artistic process to the audience.

Scene Child’s Play

The film premiere was at Haddo House Art Festival as part of the exhibition Experimental Use of Space 2019. The film is due to be screened at Belmont Filmhouse, George Washington Wilson Centre at Aberdeen University, and Royal Society of Edinburgh as part of Science Festival.

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