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Makin’ bread is a project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This production consists of drawings and a short film. The work focusses on 91-year old Dorothy at Maryfield West Care Home in Aberdeen.

 Dorothy has been living at the care home since the summer of 2018. She used to work as a headmistress in Aberdeen.


Makin’ bread establishes humanity’s interconnectedness and mirrors our temporal and transient state set in the background of our respective quarantine:  My 91-year-old friend Dorothy lives at Maryfield West Care Home in Aberdeen. The work captures Dorothy’s side of one of our telephone conversations as I draw her. The conversation begins with one of Dorothy’s carers Evelina helping to record Dorothy’s voice, and subsequently highlights Dorothy’s beautiful Scottish verbatim and gentle nature, whilst appealing to the audience to imagine the rest of the dialogue.  The work aims to show different perspectives of the art, artist, and their surroundings at the same time, and within the same space.

Drawings show Dorothy climbing the stairs to her room (as the lift was broken that day), at the hairdresser when she is looking at herself in the mirror and during dinner when she is waiting for the food to arrive (sausages and mash that time) –  5 to 10 minute drawings in pencil between A4 and A2 in size.