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Flaws and Faults, Hedda, Japanese Ink
Photo by Sid Scott

As a visual artist my work relates to drawings I make from life, capturing people absorbed in work and play. Risk in the act-of-making is what I continuously seek. There has to be some kind of challenge that holds my attention and keeps my response alive. 

I was born and raised in The Netherlands, where I played competitive tennis in my youth. I came to Scotland to do a PhD in Coastal Engineering. I have always been passionate about drawing and after my degree I received private tuition from several well-established artists.

With National Theatre of Scotland, I developed an interdisciplinary approach involving live drawing in Japanese ink unfolding on a screen via projection and interacting live with a narrative on stage. My art has interacted with danceoperamusic, lyrical text and verbatim and Artificial Intelligence.  These collaborations can be viewed through the mediums of theatre, audio-visual installations/ film and visual artwork.

Whether it is on a digital platform, in a public space or on a live stage at the core of the interactive experience lies high quality art with a distinctive style, which can be made tangible into stand-alone art pieces.

My practice has multiple awards to its name and a significant track record in collaborating with industries, such as Opera Holland Park London, Speyside Cooperage, Global Canadian Holding Company and Tymor Marine Naval Architecture Consulting Company, and with creative organisations, such as National Theatre of Scotland, CityMoves Northeast Dance AgencyCreative Scotland, Aberdeen Performing Arts,  Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice and Scuola Del Vetro (School of Glass) in Murano. Multiple works are in permanent public collections of Aberdeen Maritime Museum and Angus Council in Scotland.