Darg and Drams at the Meffan Gallery

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Scotland: Darg and drams, Solo Show at the Meffan Gallery
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My work generally focusses on people in action. The locals around my studio refer to them as my mannies, an affectionate Scottish term. I like to observe their gestures, habits and characters, absorbed in their work and at one with their environment. Movement is one of the key things that I like to capture in my work. The project Scotland: Darg and Drams sprung into life during the summer of 2014.

All my work relates to drawings I make from life, often created at unique locations, amidst the hustle and bustle, preferably with production in full swing. The last few years I embarked on a project entitled Scotland: Darg and Drams. This project has taken me to some incredible interesting and exciting environments; shipyards, cooperage, heliport and hangars, Edinburgh Fringe and a lifestock auction and Woolmill.

Scotland: Darg and Drams has therefore grown into a comprehensive body of work and exhibited in a solo show at the Meffan Gallery. My engineering professor came up with the project title explaining to me that the old British word darg meant a day's work. Drams of course reflects the whisky component of the art work, but also I associate it with having a good time after the work is done and enjoying for instance some uplifting fiddle music. Having lived in Scotland for over a decade I see its beauty in the natural grit of everyday life. My picture-postcard Scotland gives a ‘rough around the edges’ portrayal, a Scotland absorbed in work and play, and at one with its environment.

See interview with scottish-art-scene and press release and a pencil drawing below done from the front row of a venue at Edinburgh Fringe Festival used as a feature by ArtMag.

At the Meffan
At the Meffan 2

Life drawing at Edinburgh Fringe. Click on drawing for Artmag feature of solo exhibition.
Life drawing at Edinburgh Fringe. Click on drawing for Artmag feature of solo exhibition.