Italy: Medievality and Mastery

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Drawing the Murano Masters of Glassblowing
Drawing the maestros of Glasblowing

Extremely hot, that is really what I take away from this amazing experience amidst the Masters of Glass in Murano. You have to have skin made out of leather to withstand the temperatures. Drinking 8 litres of water a day is not uncommon for masters Matteo, Roberto, Giovanni, and Maurice. The only way for me to draw them is to gulp air every few minutes from the open doors and windows. The Scuola in Venice where I was undertaking a art residency put me in touch with Scuola Del Vetro (school of Glass) Abate Zanetti in Murano. Drawings are made from life amidst the furnaces using pencil as well as ink of the of the internationally known masters of glassworking. Everyday I had to take the ferry from Venice to Murano. This work sits nicely aside other art works I created in Tuscany focussed on medieval borgos, which won the Royal Scottish Academy Latimer Award and were made into a special feature during the RSA 2014 exhibition by Colin Greenslade, RSA Director.

See press release about my solo show in Venice. Work still in progress, as there is always plenty to do but not enough time in a day, but see some preliminary images or scroll down for a glance.

Drawing the maestros of Glasblowing 2
Overview of the workshop of the School of Glass

Master of glass
Via Borgo I