Amidst Puccini at Opera Holland Park

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Drawing at Opera Holland Park during rehearsals
Drawing at Opera Holland Park during rehearsals

I cannot forget this amazing summer at Opera Holland Park where I followed the conductor Matthew Kofi Waldren, a rising star in the opera industry, alongside the City of London Sinfonia, and the cast of Puccini's late masterpiece, 'La Rondine'.

First I concentrated on capturing the individual conductor and opera singers at work. I worked with ink using a bespoke calligraphy nib. The relatively large tool delivers large expressive mark-making which varies at the angle it touches the paper. This tool helps to approach my subject matter more freely, and emulates the impression of spontaneity more clearly.

Then I captured the orchestra in impressionistic movements.

After that I grouped the individual drawings into a composition that captured the fluidity of the music and intensity of the performance.