Folk at Fringe

Every year I go down to draw folk at several music venues of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. ...more

Amidst Puccini at Opera Holland Park

I cannot forget this amazing summer at Opera Holland Park where I followed the conductor Matthew Kofi Waldren, a rising star in the opera industry, alongside the City of London Sinfonia, and the cast of Puccini's late masterpiece, 'La Rondine'. ...more

Darg and Drams at the Meffan Gallery

My work generally focusses on people in action. The locals around my studio refer to them as my mannies, an affectionate Scottish term. I like to observe their gestures, habits and characters, absorbed in their work and at one with their environment. Movement is one of the key things that I like to capture in my work. Scotland: Darg and Drams is exhibited in a solo show at the Meffan Gallery. ...more

Italy: Medievality and Mastery

Extremely hot, that is really what I take away from this amazing experience amidst the Masters of Glass in Murano. You have to have skin made out of leather to withstand the temperatures. Drinking 8 litres of water a day is not uncommon for masters Matteo, Roberto, Giovanni, and Maurice. ...more

Amidst Champion Bulls, Prime Cattle and Sheep

The ringmaster overseeing the auction reminded me of a conductor in an orchestra; the animals and yard boys circling in the ring in front of the farmers meddling and bidding in an amphitheatre. ...more

Drunk on whisky, butts and barrels

In particular, the days that I spent at the cooperage when ‘the butts’, barrels nearly as tall as the coopers themselves, were being charred, were great. Fire funnelled through the bottom of the barrel chars the inside surfaces with as purpose to affect the flavour and colour of the spirit aged in the barrel. The immensely hot barrels are then cooled by water creating such a steamy atmosphere, that people and barrels all sudden appear out of nowhere. ...more

Drawing in gigantic hangars on top of helicopters

Standing on top of a helicopter in a gigantic hangar is pretty exciting. ...more

When the boat comes in

My own studio is down near the harbour of Aberdeen, in the loft of an old gas works building. Captivated by the hustle and bustle along the quayside ...more