JACK’S BRAIN is a live stage performance using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create music from live painted drawings shown as part of Aberdeen University May Festival 2019.

The project, Jack’s Brain, uses cutting-edge AI techniques to examine the correlation and harmonious balance between ink drawings and music funded by Creative Scotland. The AI methods are based on the type of learning used by the human brain developed by AI specialist Dr. Starkey from Consultancy Blueflow Ltd. and through his research at the University of Aberdeen.

The elements and principles of art and music are analogous. This might be one of the reasons why the combination of drawing and music has an unequivocally compelling nature. The live drawing in Japanese ink unfolding on a screen through a projector is converted into a sonic performance in real time using an AI “brain” developed by MEng. Student Jack Caven. The production allows audience appreciation of this powerful tool, both visually and aurally. We aim to create intrigue hooking the viewer around our own questions centred around Is AI good or bad?