Finding Flow in Mark-Making

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Finding flow in mark-making is what I call when capturing the essence of a subject without lifting the pencil from the drawing paper. Or lifting up your pen or pencil yet continue to draw in the air and then put it back on the paper while still drawing.

This for instance could be in pencil or ink. In a medium that emphasises mark-making as the most important aspect of the work.

This is useful if you need to capture your subject quickly (sometimes with your eyes fixed on your subject while drawing on the paper).

The work will have a lot of fluidity. The work will also be able to capture movement.

The key is, to not only describe your subject in a few lines, but also to be able to vary the ‘one-long-mark’ without stopping to draw. This you can do by changing the angle of your tool or by varying the pressure of your hand on the paper while you are drawing. Below are some figurative images of Hedda – a live drawing performance in collaboration with a dancer. In this project I had to draw as fast as I could to keep up with the dancer. Finding flow in mark-making prior to our performance helped me to capture her within seconds.

Hedda - Figurative in Grass-Green Ink

Hedda – Figurative in Grass-Green Ink

Hedda - Figurative in Green Ink
Hedda – Figurative in Green Ink
Hedda – Figurative in Black Ink